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Meet Us

We know you’ve probably looked everywhere for a place to feel safe to move. With more than 10 years’ experience, we’ve worked with clients from all walks of life to help those who don’t know where else to go.

If you’ve been worried about what to do next in movement, we can absolutely help. We know that not every exercise or movement works with every BODY. We aren’t trying to force a square peg into a round hole. We help you fit into your own life exactly where you are, guiding you to make improvements at your own pace.

We love what we do and we’re most excited about guiding you in the right direction so you move better and feel better moving. We’d be honored to help you.

As humans…….

We understand how frustrating it is when you know something just isn’t right and don’t know where else to go, what to do or who can help you figure it out.

As specialized movement coaches…..

We believe that with the right guidance and tools you can move better to feel better.  We believe you can:

  • Learn better movement
  • Gain new techniques
  • Improve your confidence
  • Get stronger

Why choose Stabilize Studios?

We aren’t like everyone else.  Yes, we move you.  Yes, you will be working hard.  You’ll also be learning how your body functions and moves in a way that you’ll remember.  We take EVERYTHING into consideration, not just your current issue(s).  We take an extensive health history, listen carefully, and do our best to make you feel safe, comfortable and able to achieve the work ahead. 

We help you understand see there is always room to grow, you can move better, and you will feel better and keep it for life.

Meet our team

Stabilize Studios is a venue of mindful and personal approach to body movement for health and healing.

Happy Clients

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. After two surgeries, radiation, and chemo, the cancer went into remission, but it left me physically weak with limited range of motion and a lot of pain. I tried PT, acupuncture, massage, walking, meditation; but I was still in a lot of pain, especially my back and shoulders. A nurse friend, who had spine issues from birth, recommended I try Pilates with Cathy. Two years later, the change is dramatic! I have less pain and more range of motion, and I continue to improve. Cathy is knowledgeable and caring. She is always prepared, tailoring exercises to my specific needs. She continues to expand her own education and training. I highly recommend Cathy!


I started working with Catherine previously at a different studio and happily followed her to Stabilize Studios when she opened in January 2016. At my first Pilates session, I looked around the studio at what others were doing and thought to myself “no way”. Now, I’m doing all that and more, thanks to Catherine. I am 61 and have MS, therefore, I have “special needs”. Catherine has gone above and beyond to find and tailor exercises just for me. Thanks to Catherine and her dedicated staff, I am in the best shape of my life! I truly believe Catherine loves and deeply cares about what she is doing…it shines through loud and clear. I am always looking forward to my next session!


Having just completed my 110th session with Catherine Clement at Stabilize Studios, I can unequivocally state that she does not take the “cookie cutter, one method fits all” approach to fitness and movement. Instead, Catherine is keenly interested in tailoring your fitness regime to your individual, specific needs. Catherine is an accomplished professional, extraordinarily knowledgeable, intensively sensitive to your needs, and most accommodating. She holds many certifications and constantly seeks to further her education. I continue to experience improvement in flexibility, balance, posture, and stamina. And, a first for me, I even look forward to my sessions.


I worked with Catherine at another studio, so when Catherine started Stabilize Studios, I was happy to join her as a client since she had helped teach me in the past and I was really impressed by her knowhow and dedication. Catherine has helped me with my core and breathing. I am eager to progress under her guidance as she widens the programs that she teaches me. I used to use a treadmill and other exercises until friends introduced me to Pilates. I immediately found the routines beneficial and felt a difference after a few sessions. I am pleased with Stabilize Studios and especially with the dedication that Catherine has in helping me master the proper technique and improve my overall strength and health.


I heard Pilates is a great full-body workout. I tried it a few times previous to Stabilize Studios and did not enjoy it. It was difficult and the teacher did not focus on the fundamentals. When I came to Catherine, I realized how important proper form is and what an excellent instructor she is! She explains every aspect of what to do and why. Pilates is challenging, but not exhausting, and the results are great: my core is stronger, I’m more flexible, and my posture has improved. I have even grown a half inch! Pilates is part of my exercise regimen that helped me lose weight. Catherine is an outstanding, experienced, and expert Pilates instructor. I ALWAYS look forward to her classes.


When Catherine opened Stabilize Studios, I was thrilled to follow her, since I had been her client for 5 years. She has put a lot of thought and effort into making Stabilize Studios an attractive, fully equipped studio. I’ve been a long-time student of Pilates as it helps my alignment, breathing, balance, coordination, and flexibility. As I age, I find these benefits more important to my overall health. Catherine is always looking to apply new skills to our sessions. Pilates can become routine, but Catherine works to vary workouts to keep us excited and challenged. She works to adjust to my individual needs and maintains a forward looking plan. Catherine enjoys her work, which makes me enjoy working with her!


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