Move better to feel better

Physical & Mental Health Coaching for Scoliosis

Keep it for life!

Scoliosis Motion Coaching

Get Stronger

Learn techniques of adaptation
specific to your curves and mindset

Stop Waiting

be proactive
Mentally and Phsycially

Keep it for Life!

Learn it in your Mind and body so it
stays with you

Gain Strength, Mentally and Physically

There’s another way to help yourself. You don’t have to watch and wait.

What if you could feel stronger mentally and emotionally and taller physically, possibly reduce your pain and gain mobility?

Along with physical exercises, learn mindfulness and acceptance techniques to help improve your overall quality of life when living with your scoliosis.

Create a practice specifically personalized for you and your walk of life, no matter what age or stage you are in.

Want to be prepared for surgery? How strong you are before-hand has a direct impact on how well you recover afterwards, both physically and mentally.

Wouldn’t you rather do everything you could for yourself or your children to reduce the need for surgery? Or how about recovery from surgery? Don’t you want to be in the best possible position, No matter what?

  • Live better with your Scoliosis., mentally and physically.
  • Be mentally and emotionally prepared, before and/or after surgery.
  • Learn Scolio-specific exercises for your curves,.
  • Gain mental strength and perspective living in your curvy spine.
  • Reduce the chance of curvature increase.
  • You are not alone.
  • All session available  virtually.

Move Better to Feel Better with Scoliosis

Keep it for life!


Schedule a Session

Meet and Greet your Coach


Get Moving

Work specifically for your curves and lifestyle


Feel Better

Feel and see the
improvements you gain


Keep it for Life!

Learn it in your mind and body not
from a piece of paper!

You've Been Diagnosed, Now What?

There’s more to scoliosis than a physical diagnosis.

Scoliosis Motion Coaching is coaching for physical and mental health.

Combining life coaching along with scoliosis motion coaching addresses all aspects of the ever-changing mind and body when living with scoliosis.  No matter what age or stage of life, before or after surgery, there is always room to feel better, physically and mentally.

Along with learning to adapt physically, there is a mental and emotional adjustment that is often overlooked.  So much focus is spent on reducing the progression of the curve, getting out of pain, and/or preparing the body for surgery, that psychological aspects of how to now live in a curvy body is not addressed.

With the right exercises and an approach to work with the emotional and mental aspects, all aspects of wellness and health are addressed while living with a curvy spine.

  • Live happier, mentally and physically in your curves.
  • Learn the right exercises for your curves.
  • Address the psychological life adjustment.
  • Manage and learn ways to get better alignment in your body and life.
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