Start with a solid foundation

Move Better to Feel Better

Keep it for life!

We all need a solid foundation

No matter what your life situation

The Foundations package is designed to see what you need, combined with your desired goals, so together
we can establish the best path forward. In the first 5 sessions, we discuss, we move, we learn
and we plan. Together, we start down a positive path forward, making sure you feel safe and optimistic about your movement. 

What do you need?

Goal Setting!

Get moving!

The Foundations package


How can we help?


How do you move?


What are your patterns?


Putting things together.


Start moving better!

Start with a Solid Foundation

Let’s get to know each other better

No assumptions are made here.  It wouldn’t be realistic to assume that you know what you’re doing or how to do it right when you walk in the door, would it?  It also wouldn’t be realistic to think that you don’t know anything either!

We will discover together and start with a basic understanding so your path forward goes smoothly.  We can repeat anything you need, as many times as you need, as many different ways as necessary until you feel comfortable.

We are here to guide you, not to push you too fast.  Together we set the pace so you feel safe – mentally and physically.

If you have a specific condition or you’re just looking to improve something that hasn’t worked well in the past, we are here to help.

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