Move Better to Feel Better

Scoliosis Movement Coaching

Get Specific About Your Spine

Actually learn how you move

Improve Whole Body Movement

It's all connected

Keep it for Life!

In your body,
not on paper

Have No Fear

You shouldn’t have additional stress when it comes to moving better to feel better. We know it’s important for you to feel safe in an understanding and non-judgmental environment.  No matter who you are, what shape you’re in, condition or no condition.

Movement heals and people need to know how to move to heal themselves.  We teach you.

Instead of making one method fit every person, we address individual client needs. We work with everyone.  We combine methods and philosophies from Pilates, The Franklin Method, Z-Health, and many more.  We continue to actively study movement, anatomy, neurology, and how they all work together. 

Imagine how amazing it is to finally move better, feel better, and keep it for life!

  • All bodies welcome!
  • Learn to help yourself.
  • Movements are safe, achievable, and personalized for you.
  • It’ll be in your body, not on paper!
  • Ask questions ’til your heart is content.
  • Work closely with our patient and certified coaches.
  • Move Better to Feel Better, Keep it for Life!

Move Better to Feel Better

Keep it for life!


Contact us to schedule

Start with the
Foundations Package


Create a plan

Work with your coach


get moving

Feel and see the
improvements you gain


Keep it for Life!

Learn it in your body not
from a piece of paper!

Start with a Solid Foundation

Let’s get to know each other better

It all begins with a solid foundation. Foundation sessions are designed to see where you are, what you want to accomplish, and the best path to get there. It lets us get to know you better so we can help you personally. When you’re afraid of pain or re-injury, you move less because you’re unsure how to do it safely.

We help you reduce and even eliminate your fear by showing you and teaching you how to improve and create better movement safely for your body. Movement heals and people need to know how to move to heal themselves, so we teach you.

Clients come to us with many conditions such as Spinal Cord Injury, Scoliosis, and/or Potts Syndrome.  If you have one of these, or anything that inhibits your movement,  we are here to help you.  We work with you to ease your mind and guide you safely. Using our expertise and ongoing study of movement and anatomy, we address individual client needs and create a custom solution for you. 

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