• Educating the body through movement

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Would you like to improve your balance? Balance plays into so many different aspects of our lives that we often take it for granted. How would you like to know if your getting the right sensory information to improve your balance? In this workshop you will learn how to improve foot mobility and stability, introduce how your inner ear works with your balance and how to create improvement. You’ll get homework to take home with you for further improvement. Having a conversation with gravity. Comprehensive. Bottom up and top down. Are you afraid of falling. Have you already fallen, more than once and injured yourself? Does your blood pressure change when you get up too quick, causing dizziness, instability and a light head.Understanding proprioception and its relationship to balance. Am I getting the right sensory feedback so that I can balance.
Posture and Flexibility

Would you like to be your tallest self? How does flexibility impact your daily life? In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of flexibility testing. You’ll also learn about your anatomy and how it functions in relationship to your posture. Wether you’re standing or sitting, you’ll learn the movements to better improve these positions. Do you have forward head posture. Would you like your shoulders to be less rounded. How about relieving your low back pain. All of things can be address while taking a look at your daily posture and flexibility.

Strength vs. Survival

How can you improve your everyday movements, functionally. Things like getting up and down on the floor and how best to do that as we get older. (get up drill). Getting up from a sitting position. Would you like more strength in your legs, hips and shoulders for your daily functional movement. Whats the best way to pick up and set down objects without injuring your back? How to approach the stairs from a strength standpoint instead of just surviving them.

Can you see me?

Can you see your book or your phone? Is it getting harder to focus on the small stuff, whether near or far? Would you like to possibly slow the progress of eye deterioration? As a bonus, get an understanding of how eye health influences pain.