• Educating the body through movement


I started working with Catherine at a different studio and happily followed her to Stabilize Studios. At my first Pilates session I looked around at what others were doing and said to myself “no way”. Now, I’m doing all that and more, thanks to Catherine.

I am 61 and have MS. Therefore, I have “special needs”. Catherine has gone above and beyond to find and tailor exercises just for me.

Thanks to Catherine and her dedicated staff, I am in the best shape of my life. I truly believe Catherine loves and deeply cares about what she is doing … it comes through loud and clear. I’m looking forward to my next session.

— Rob


Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent two surgeries, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Two years ago, I had a stem cell transplant. The cancer has been in remission since then, but it left me physically weak with very limited range of motion and a lot of discomfort. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, walking, meditation; but I was still in a lot of pain, especially in my back and shoulders. A nurse friend who had several spine issues from birth recommended I try Pilates. She recommended Cathy Fieldman, who had helped her in many ways.

After two years of working with Cathy myself, the change has been dramatic. I have less pain and much more range of motion, and I continue to improve. Cathy is very knowledgeable and very caring. She is always prepared, tailoring the exercises to my specific needs. I admire how she continues to expand her own education and training.

I highly recommend Cathy.

— George R.


Catherine has been my Pilates instructor for approximately two years and I could not be happier with my experience and my progress. Frankly, while I had always heard that Pilates is an excellent full body workout with emphasis on strengthening the core, I had tried it previously a couple of times and did not enjoy it, first because it was difficult and second because the instructor did not focus on the fundamentals. When Catherine first began instructing me in a group of newbies, I realized how important proper form is and how excellent she is as an instructor, as she explains every aspect of what to do and its purpose. Whether on a mat or using reformer equipment, the workout is challenging without being exhausting, and the results are great. My core is much stronger, my flexibility and posture have improved, I have actually grown a half inch (hooray since I am short!!!) and the workout is part of my exercise regimen which has helped me lose weight.

I must also mention that Catherine is pleasure to work with and always promptly responds to emails and texts. She is very diligent and organized, and above all, she is an outstanding, experienced and expert Pilates instructor.  I ALWAYS look forward to going to her classes.

And this is the honest truth — I love your classes!

— Jane G.


I have worked with Catherine when I started doing Pilates at another studio.

When Catherine started Stabilize Studios, I was happy to join her as a client as she had helped teach and direct me in the past and I was really impressed by her knowhow and dedication.

Catherine has helped me with my core and breathing and I am eager to progress under her guidance as she widens the programs that she would like to teach me.

I used to use a treadmill and other exercises until friends introduced me to Pilates. I immediately found the routines very beneficial and felt the difference after only a few sessions.

I am really pleased with Stabilize Studios and especially with the dedication that Catherine has in helping me master the proper techniques and improve my overall strength and health.

— Betsy A.


Having just completed my 110th session with Catherine Fieldman, I can unequivocally state that she does not take the “cookie Cutter (one method fits all)” approach to fitness.  Instead, she is keenly interesting in tailoring your fitness regime to your individual specific needs.  Catherine is an accomplished professional, extraordinarily knowledgeable, intensely sensitive to your needs, and most accommodating.   I continue to experience improvement in flexibility and stamina.  And, a first for me, I even look forward to my sessions.

—  Shields H.


Catherine has been my Pilates instructor for about five years. She inherited me from another great instructor who left the studio where we were all participating. I was quite nervous about changing instructors, but Catherine soon proved to be an excellent instructor. When she left to open Stabilize Studios, I was thrilled to be able to follow her to her own studio. She has put great thought and work in making Stabilize Studios an attractive, fully equipped, and comfortable place to work out.

I have been a long-time student of Pilates and find it to be a vital part of my fitness regimen. I enjoy working out at a local gym for strength and aerobic exercises. I have found that Pilates rounds out my exercise needs. Pilates improves my flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in my entire body. It helps my alignment, breathing, develops my strong core and improves my coordination and balance. As I grow older, I find these benefits ever more important to my overall health.

I am so impressed with Catherine’s dedication to continuous learning and bringing her learning to our sessions. She works to increase her certifications and skills and applies her learnings to improving our sessions. Pilates can become routine with the same workout sessions. I love that Catherine works to vary our workouts so as to keep us all excited and challenged. She is aware of my individual limitations and needs and works to adjust accordingly. She maintains a forward looking plan for meeting our goals.

Finally, Catherine makes me feel that she genuinely enjoys her work, which makes me enjoy working with her.

— Sara M.