• Educating the body through movement

Scolio-Pilates Session

Working in-person is the most effective and most recommended. We’d like to meet you one-on-one and be able to spend an extended amount of time with you to perfect your home program. These in-person programs are generally 4-10 days in length. You will meet with Catherine up to 3 hours a day. A typical session, after the initial consultation,  is two hours in the morning with a 2-hour break for lunch and then a 1-hour session after lunch. What we have described here is what works best for most of our clients.  We will customize the sessions to fit your needs.   It’s most important that we spend enough time together to create a strong Scolio-Pilates® exercise program for you to continue at home; as long as we can accomplish that, any schedule works.

During your intensive you can expect the following to be accomplished:

  • Assessment of your scoliosis curve
  • A system for wedging your curve towards neutral
  • A system for strengthening the spine once placed towards neutral
  • A system of elongation for your scoliosis
  • A system of breathing to assist movement towards neutral
  • A system of fascial involvement to assist the more neutral position

How to Schedule: Email me at Stabilizemenow@gmail.com

Invoice: You will be asked to pay for the three hour initial consultation before you arrive and schedule online before you come in.

Still photography and video of your exercises are allowed and we encourage it. Thank-you! If you’d like us to video your home program and prepare it for you, please let us know and we can make arrangements for that as well.