• Educating the body through movement

Z-Health Assessments with Katie

Initial Assessment – 90-minute session

What happened before what happened…happened! Sounds ridiculous, right? However, by getting a thorough history we can have a better understanding of your movement patterns and how they were created. Often times we overlook minor injuries, surgeries, etc. without realizing the full impact on our movement and overall health. We’ll take a full history, which includes: injury, illness, medications, vitamins, surgeries, past limitations and obstacles, and goals for the future. During the Initial Assessment, we will take a look at your gait, flexibility, balance, sensory reception, and nutritional intake among many other things. We will approach this session with long-term progress in mind. You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a set of exercises to practice to help you work towards your goals. We look forward to helping you meet your health goals.

5-Session Package

In this package, we will build on the Initial Assessment. We will begin implementing the Health Plan that was created. Our approach is tailored to each individual, so we’ll have the opportunity to continue to assess and re-assess the effectiveness of the exercises. Modifications can be made at any time to the Health Plan to optimize your progress, so you reach your goals faster!

10-Session Package

In this package, you really get to reap the benefits of health change over time. If you’ve been in pain or experienced limited activity for months or years, then it’s reasonable to require several hours over many weeks to create positive, long-lasting change. The same is true when working with other health professionals; you never have just one session. If you experience amazing results from a single session, imagine the possibilities and health gains from multiple sessions!