• Educating the body through movement

  • Stabilizing the body from the inside out

  • Pilates is a whole body system

  • There is intelligence in small movements

Pilates – Functional Movement and Rehabilitation – We do it all!

Ever wanted to try Pilates but were intimidated and not sure where to start?

Need more help with a physical condition, but unsure as to where to go?

Already been through PT, but need a little more help/work?

Want to move better through your every day life and need help with every day movement, like walking or getting off the floor?

Want to exercise, but not sure where to start because you have a limitation like hip replacement, back issues or MS?

We work with everyone for all purposes. Some areas of special consideration include:

  • Scoliosis
  • Hip/knee Replacements
  • Cancer Recovery
  • Parkinsons
  • Spinal Fusions
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Athletic Training
  • Weight Management

In a safe and accepting environment, we teach movement that enhances the mind-body connection improving mobility, balance, flexibility and stabilization. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve well rounded health through the use of Pilates and other movement methods.


Why is Pilates good for me?

Pilates educates, realigns, and balances your body. It promotes muscle strength, reduces tension and fatigue, increases coordination, stamina, and proper posture.

Whether you are getting in shape, recovering from an injury,  training for an athletic competition, or just looking for an interesting new physical challenge, the Pilates Method is for you. Pilates is for everyone regardless of their level of fitness.

The Pilates method works. There are over 500 exercises to choose from ensuring that you’ll have fun exercising for a lifetime. In addition, Pilates decompresses your joints, which results in improved circulation, mobility and brain connection. Improved circulation, combined with increased strength, improved range of motion, and a more balanced musculature, allows you to move with ease, grace, efficiency, and fluidity throughout daily life.

Our goal is to stimulate both your brain and your body. We re-educate the body through movement, stimulating the central nervous system to improve and create mobility, stabilization, and flexibility. We teach people’s brains not be afraid so they can better perform through thought provoking movement.